Local Domination Comes At A Price...but cheaper than you may think

Local Pay Per Click...a short-cut to market domination

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing can be incredibly profitable...unfortunately, it can also be wildly costly when done wrong. Creating successful campaigns and maximizing your ROI takes expertise and experience. Luckily we have both.

You need the right strategy, the right testing and tracking and the ability and experience to optimize the performance.

One-third of searches in Google are related to location. This represents a tremendous opportunity for local businesses.

Rules of Advertising Success

PPC is just one form of paid online advertising. You pay for each ``click`` that you receive. Obviously, you need a site that converts well and a strategy for following up with those that visit your site but don't take immediate action. On average, it takes 5-7 clicks to generate one phone call.

There are a myriad of different online advertising opportunities but they certainly are not a fit for all (or even most) businesses. Be selective in what you pursue. Test, track your results and adjust. Drop the tactics that don't work and scale up those that do.